Selected Works

For videos of performances of particular works, please, click the appropriate links below. And for more of Alexey Shor's music, please, visit his YouTube Channel

for stage

"CRYSTAL PALACE" -- ballet in 2 Acts

for orchestra

"IMAGES FROM THE GREAT SIEGE" -- suite in 13 movements
"VERDIANA" -- fantasy in 1 movement
"CRYSTAL PALACE SUITE" -- concert suite based on music from the "Crystal Palace" ballet

for piano

Piano and Orchestra

"TRAVEL NOTEBOOK" -- Piano Concerto (No 1) in 7 movements
"FROM MY BOOKSHELF" -- Piano Concerto (No 2) in 8 movements
"CHILDHOOD MEMORIES" -- Piano Concerto (No 3) in 9 movements

Solo Piano

"PIANO SONATA in A-minor" in 3 movements
"CHILDHOOD MEMORIES" -- solo piano version in 14 movements
"TRAVEL NOTEBOOK" -- version for solo piano
"IMAGES FROM THE GREAT SIEGE" -- version for solo piano
"FROM MY BOOKSHELF" -- version for solo piano

Piano Duo

"VERDIANA" -- arrangement for piano duo by Alexander Tchaikovsky
"TRAVEL NOTEBOOK" -- arrangement for piano duo by Nikita Mndoyants

for piano trio

"VERDIANA" -- arrangement for piano trio by Pavel Karmanov.

for violin

"SEASCAPES" -- Violin Concerto (No 1) in 4 movements
"PHANTASMS" -- Violin Concerto (No 2) in 3 movements
"THE FOUR SEASONS OF MANHATTAN" -- Violin Concerto (No 3) in 4 movements
"VIOLIN CONCERTO in Bm" -- Violin Concerto (No 4) in 3 movements
"SAINT ELMO BARCAROLLE" -- miniature for violin and orchestra
"WELL TEMPERED CHANSON" -- version for violin
Miscellaneous short pieces

for cello

"MUSICAL PILGRIMAGE " -- Cello Concerto in 3 movements
"Miscellaneous short pieces "

for viola

"WELL TEMPERED CHANSON" -- suite of 13 short pieces inspired by Russian Folk melodies
"TWO SONGS FOR MY KIDS" -- 2 miniatures for viola and orchestra
"SEASCAPES" -- viola version
Miscellaneous short pieces

for clarinet

"VERDIANA" -- fantasy in 3 movements
"CLARINET CONCERTO" in 3 movements
Miscellaneous short pieces

for voice

String quartet

"PHANTASMS" -- arrangement for a string quartet by Georgs Pelēcis.
"SEASCAPES" -- arrangement for a string quartet by Alexander Tchaikovsky.