Selected Works

1. Abandoned Lighthouse
2. Lonely Sail
3. Gathering Storm
4. Summer Hail
"Well Tempered Chanson"
Cycle of 13 short pieces inspired by Russian Folk melodies

Last Gloomy Sunday
joint work with Oran Eldor
1. Il Sambatore
2. Un Bossa in Maschera
3. Don Tangoletto

for piano

Piano and Orchestra

"Travel Notebook" Concerto

1 Wayfarers Prayer
2 La Rambla (inspired by visiting Barcelona)
3 Addio (inspired by visiting Rome)
4 Luxembourg Garden (inspired by visiting Paris)
5 Rubicon (inspired by visiting Ravenna)
6 Sorrow (inspired by visiting Venice)
7 Horseman (inspired by visiting Ascot)

Solo Piano

"Childhood Memories" Suite

1 Chasing fireflies
2 Blooming May
3 First Dance
4 Sandbox
5 Marionette Waltz
6 Last Days of Summer
7 Hidden message
8 Hourglass
9 Air
10 Raindrops on the roof
11 Naiveté
12 Coming of Age
13 Melancholy
14 First Love

"Travel Notebook" Suite

1 Wayfarers Prayer
2 King Matt the First (inspired by visiting Warsaw)
3 Don Quixote (inspired by visiting Campo de Criptana)
4 La Rambla (inspired by visiting Barcelona)
5 Addio (inspired by visiting Rome)
6 d’Artagnan (inspired by visiting Lupiac)
7 Luxembourg Garden (inspired by visiting Paris)
8 Forbidden Romance (inspired by visiting Verona)
9 Rubicon (inspired by visiting Ravenna)
10 Sorrow (inspired by visiting Venice)
11 Horseman (inspired by visiting Ascot)
12 Farewell Nocturne

"Images from the Great Siege" Suite

1 Premonition
2 Call to Arms
3 Leaving Home
4 Solitary Ryder
5 Grand Master’s Ball
6 Young Knight’s Dream
7 Mirage
8 Cannonade
9 St. Elmo Barcarole
10 A Loss
11 Wartime Lullaby
12 The Big Bluff
13 Victory Celebration