Selected Works

For videos of performances of particular works, please, click the appropriate links below. And for more of Alexey Shor's music, please, visit his YouTube Channel

"CRYSTAL PALACE" -- ballet in 2 Acts
"IMAGES FROM THE GREAT SIEGE" -- suite in 13 movements
"VERDIANA" -- fantasy in 1 movement
"CRYSTAL PALACE SUITE" -- concert suite based on music from the "Crystal Palace" ballet
"SEASCAPES" -- Violin Concerto (No 1) in 4 movements
"PHANTASMS" -- Violin Concerto (No 2) in 3 movements
"MUSICAL PILGRIMAGE " -- concerto in 3 movements
"WELL TEMPERED CHANSON" -- suite of 13 short pieces inspired by Russian Folk melodies
"VERDIANA" -- fantasy in 3 movements
joint work with Oran Eldor

for piano

Piano and Orchestra

"TRAVEL NOTEBOOK" -- Piano Concerto (No 1) in 7 movements
"FROM MY BOOKSHELF" -- Piano Concerto (No 2) in 8 movements

Solo Piano

"CHILDHOOD MEMORIES" -- suite in 14 movements
"TRAVEL NOTEBOOK" -- version for solo piano
"IMAGES FROM THE GREAT SIEGE" -- version for solo piano
"FROM MY BOOKSHELF" -- version for solo piano